Our Concept

An integral solution. In contrast with the rest of the real estate agents, Avangard offers a one-stop-shop solution to its customers in the buying and selling process of a house. This means that instead of having to deal with different entities for different aspects of the process, Avangard takes charge of resolving each of the issues in the most convenient way for the customer.

How To Buy And Sell A Home?

Our service starts with explaining in detail the entire process of buying and selling a home through the seminars that we offer free of charge, several times during the year, in a relaxed family environment in all the cities where we are present. Moreover, when you are ready, Avangard explains to you, in a personable manner, step by step the entire process.

Pre Qualification And Affordable Financing.

Then, once you are ready to begin the process, we start by analyzing your income profile and your household budget and we define how much of a home you can realistically afford. Once this is done, we devote our time to search for the most adequate loan. In contrast with the rest, we are experts in qualifying your purchasing power with the banks; thus we get the most adequate loan for each family. After all, we are experts in obtaining loans for affordable housing.

Centralized Processing.

First we look for the right property and we take responsibility for negotiating the offer and the contract conditions. Following, we negotiate the best mortgage loan with the bank, we take care of the Title, we coordinate the inspections, repairs and the insurance and we stay with you during the closing of the contract. Instead of leaving you to yourself to deal with each entity, we take charge of resolving every issue.