Our Co Marketing Program

A vangard is a leader in the marketing of real estate services to the Hispanic Market. With fifteen years of experience specializing in the market, we have developed the most successful marketing strategy and tactics to identify prospective home buyers that meet the qualifications for financing. This is of real importance because they represent a significant portion of all new home buyers in the nation. They account for nearly half of all first time home buyers.

Market Potential

According to the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies, if all minorities of a given age, income and family type become homeowners at the same rates as their mainstream counterparts, the potential, in the 40 largest metro areas, is 1.8 million new homeowners.

892,000 or 48.4% of the total potential would come from immigrants. And Hispanics represent more than two thirds of new immigrants.

A case in point, just in the three top Texas markets, raising home buying rates of minorities to the levels achieved by native-born non-minorities with similar income and demographic characteristics, would add:

  • 89,000 new home buyers to the market.

  • At least 50% of them, or 44,000 homes will come from Hispanics.

Our Insight

Mortgage Lenders can no longer bypass the potential of the real estate Hispanic market. As the largest minority to be this decade, and with its consistent rising income, it holds a critical share in the immediate growth of the real estate industry. Even at times of recession, Hispanics are catching up. Thus, imagine what the prospects are today!

Given the immediate opportunity, Avangard makes the following recommendations to untap the enormous potential for expanded home ownership among these groups.

  • Open doors to all current qualifiers

  • Tailor programs to specific household groups and specific housing markets

  • Target programs carefully to:

  • Expand housing construction

  • Expand home sales

  • Expand mortgage lending

  • Reduce substantial disparities in access to home ownership among many communities today

The Program

Avangard Marketing Services, has a specific marketing program and a select menu of additional services specifically developed to reach the Hispanic home buyer successfully. Throughout the years, we have perfected our program to make it ever more efficient and successful. Many players in the industry have joined us in the program to provide their various services to the growing number of home buyers.

Instead of using traditional strategies of advertising, we have developed an effective marketing system that emphasizes consumer education as an integral part of the concept. We start by making the prospective home buyers aware of their potential and we educate them about the process. Concurrently, through this technique, we are able to identify those prospects that have clearly met the profile for loan approval, and we do it in large numbers and in the most efficient manner. This is by far the main source of all our sales. Then we provide a full-service, guiding the customer and managing all the issues until its successful closing. By thriving in customer satisfaction, our success ratio is very high.


  • To efficiently generate qualified prospective buyers.

  • To provide prospects, within their own cultural framework, with the necessary support elements to understand the home buying process.

  • To establish the comfort level needed to pursue the purchase of a home through the effective use of the various industry services designed to fulfill the process.

Program Concept:

  • Promotion is based on the use of direct marketing vehicles:

  • Direct response advertising

  • Consumer seminars

  • Direct mail

  • Aimed at first time home buyers

  • Education is the central element, for it establishes a comfort level and enables prospects to successfully go through the home buying process

  • Requires the direct participation of the key industry organizations involved in the home buying process to CO-market the program

  • The home buying fairs/seminars are the concluding step of the promotional effort

How Your Company Benefits From The Program:

Instead of using traditional promotional tools to market your services, your company benefits from participating in a co-marketing program that has proven to be the most successful qualifier of home buyers for the last fifteen years, and:

  • Generates the largest numbers of good prospects per campaign

  • The cost of acquisition is extremely efficient

  • As part of our full service concept, we work together with your company throughout the process

  • As a result, you acquire a highly satisfied customer

  • A prime opportunity to present home buyers the details of their services, including but not limited to:

  • Mortgages

  • Checking accounts

  • Savings accounts

  • Home improvement loans

  • Title and legal services

  • Inspections

  • Repairs

  • Homeowners insurance

Strategic Rationale:

  • The purchase of a home by Hispanic first time homebuyers is perceived as a huge long-term commitment

  • Their lack of experience with credit makes them conclude that they have no home buying potential

  • It is critical to make the consumer understand that the financial commitment to a landlord is the same as the commitment to a lender, with the difference that renting cannot be compared to owning your home.

Consumer Educational Process:

Because these are immigrants lacking experience in credit worthiness it is critical to:

  • Overcome fear

  • Develop confidence

  • Increase expectations

  • Generate response and action

Other Marketing Services Available

One-Stop-Shop Service

The Avangard concept focuses in providing a full service. Whenever possible we are interested in offering many of the services necessary in the process of buying a home, especially for first time home buyers, next to our own premises. At the present time we are in search of potential providers interested in becoming part of our affiliate services in the following areas:

  • Homeowners insurance

  • Title/escrow services

  • Inspection services